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carbon trading

Carbon Trading

The carbon trading is carried out on match making mechanism between buyer and seller by facilitating an online trading platform. This platform also helps in showcasing futuristic carbon credit along with type, quantity, levelling. The Platform will generate automated alerts to the buyers and sellers about new post in the portal. Alert are send to the premium buyer or seller first on priority basis. This platform will facilitate forward trading contract.

Carbon Assets Management

The carbon assets management services provided by this platform will help to keep records both data and documents systematically and safe uploads from different locations. This platform helps in quick validation and verification completion. It also helps to identify best registry for all upcoming projects through AI and ML. Most important benefits of this online platform is that it helps in developing in-house carbon project development team.

carbon asset management
project registration and issuance

Project Registration & Issuance

Projects are passed through online carbon project eligibility test kit, where online feasibility report is generated by this portal. Online project design documents, estimated emission reduction sheet and IRR model along with all relevant documents and response to VVB queries will be digitized through this platform. Online project tracking system and predictive timeline for completing the project registration or issuance will be given by the predictive models of this portal.

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